Hottest political crisis in recent days is what happens between North Korea and the US

Hottest political crisis in recent days is what happens between North Korea and the US

The hottest political crisis in recent days is what happens between North Korea and the US. This is considered the most frightening crisis after the Pigs Bay Crisis in Cuba a few decades ago. The similarity between these two crises is the possibility of nuclear weapons engagement that could potentially trigger the death of millions of people. However, these two crises are nothing compared to the political and military crises in recent years. We can take Iraq and Afghanistan as two samples as they were in conflict with the US but the world did not see any potential nuclear weapons being used

North Korea's Appeal

We, the inhabitants of the earth, seem to be used to seeing how reactive Kim's dynasty in North Korea is We have even been accustomed for decades to see how the small country on the Korean peninsula is so brave to pose threats besides the war of words which seems to be something that North Korea should do in its international relations. Although we are used to seeing it all but what have happened in the past few days seem quite frightening, more than what we have seen in the past.

A few days ago, North Korea threatened to launch four Hwasong-14 long-range missiles to Guam US military base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This was an unusual threat even a country as large as Russia (which is known as the "enemy of America") would never think to do it KCN, the official North Korean's news agency ensured that the military is ready to launch four long-range missiles and the launch date will be determined by Kim Jong Un's permission. Many world leaders seem to run out of words to explain the desolation of this alienated country to trigger a massive war with the world's strongest nation while placing its people at the edge of mass death.

Some analysis

Various related world organizations have concluded that this isolated communist state has the capability to place nuclear warheads on its missiles, but the most important question of the day is the main reason they are about to ignite an unconventional war with the world's strongest nation. Many analysts predict that this is once again the usual bargaining tool of North Korea to get food-related relief as well as relief of some of the most burdensome UN sanctions, moreover the recent sanctions that limit exports, having the potential to cost North Korea billions of American dollars.

Other analysts think further by mentioning that by dropping missiles into waters near Guam, North Korea sends a message to the US as well as to the world that what is in their rhetoric has not been an empty threat. Guam is one of the symbols of United States military force away from the American mainland as well as a tool of suppression for the Chinese military expansion, "the Giant Panda" from the east.

Guam citizens' actions

For the citizens of Guam themselves, they seem to be preparing for self-protection even though their islands are adequately protected by the THAAD missile system and the Patriot system. There is a tendency among them to begin applying gate openers to secure their homes. A gate opener is useful for protecting occupancy from riots or in times of unstable situations (which can be caused by war).

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