Automatic Gate Openers: Security and Convenience That Pays for Itself

Automatic Gate Openers: Security and Convenience That Pays for Itself

Automatic Gate Openers: Security and Convenience That Pays for Itself

Gates offer you security and privacy by controlling access to your property, but sometimes the inconvenience they present can seemingly outweigh these important benefits. The simple act of going out or returning home becomes a process riddled with the additional inconvenience of having to open and close your gates, especially when you don't have a willing passenger to assist in the performance of that tiresome open-and-close dance. You know the one, it's a little like a waltz: 1) Open Gate; 2) Move Vehicle, and; 3) Close Gate.

Perhaps you find yourself cursing at your gates daily. They're just like queues and traffic. They're time consuming obstacles you have to clear before you can get to where you want to be. They're inconvenient most of the time, but can be absolutely infuriating when you're running late and under pressure. If you're fully utilizing your gates they're also locked, so first you have to fumble around unlocking them. Now you have to open them. Perhaps you have to open two halves just to get the car out. Now you have to clamber back inside your vehicle, move it to the other side, climb out and repeat the unlocking and opening process in reverse.
This whole routine wastes time and energy.
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It's a little like maintaining an oil lamp. It's an inconvenience you're prepared to go through in the absence of alternatives, but let's face it, who goes through all that trouble now that we have electricity, globes and switches? Sure, it may cost a little more to install electrical lighting, but it sure is worth it in the long run.

Maybe you're a little more Zen and don't mind the hassle of fiddling around with your gates... most of the time. Of course, rain strikes at the most inconvenient of times. Even when you're not heading out to a formal evening, important meeting, or any other occasion where your attire must be immaculate, wet clothing can be a real pain.

Or maybe you're at the extreme end of frustration. Now you leave your gates unlocked or, even worse, open. "I can't be bothered with them" you say. A short drive through any neighborhood will quickly reveal that you're not alone. But, if you're so inconvenienced by your gates that you're just going to leave them open, why bother having them at all?

But what if someone offered you a magic button that could control the weather, eliminate queues and traffic, and remove inconvenience from your life? Unfortunately, such a thing doesn't exist, although a similar convenience can be afforded by the installation of an automatic gate opener. Coming and going from your property becomes a breeze when you never have to leave the security and comfort of your vehicle.

Mere convenience aside, the installation of an diy automatic gate opener will provide many additional benefits. An automatic gate opener can pay for itself over time. It can also provide additional security benefits that a manually operated gate alone may not provide.

Imagine that you, or one of your more vulnerable family members are returning home late at night. Perhaps a suspicious looking person is loitering on your street. Do you really want to find out if they're harmless or not? Wouldn't it be safer to remain in the safety of your locked vehicle until you were secure within your own property?

Another immediate benefit of an automatic gate opener is the addition of a simplified first layer of security to your property. The mere presence of a gate will deter most crimes of opportunity. An unlocked gate, or no gate at all, presents a tempting opportunity to the would be burglar. After all, in some ways they're just like regular people: they prefer the most convenient option. Presented with a locked gate, most will move on to the easier option across the street or down the road.

An automatic gate opener also provides you with the ability to control who makes it to your front door. Easy control of your gate will allow you to easily grant your welcomed guests access to your property, but will allow you to keep unsolicited door knockers, scammers and predators at bay.

This additional security and convenience will also provide a couple of additional benefits, ones that will pay for the installation of your automatic gate opener over time.

Upon installing your homelink gate opener, you may discover that you're eligible for reduced insurance premiums. Insurance companies base their premiums on the risk that insuring you presents to them. Some considerations that determine your insurance premiums are largely out of your control. Your neighborhood's crime rates and the value being insured, for example. But many insurance companies will take safety features into consideration when determining your premium. By simply securing your house and car behind an automatic gate opener, you may well save a considerable amount in premiums over the years.

Then there's that time when you'll inevitably need to sell your house. Purchasing a home can be an emotional experience, even for the most rational of people. Quite often the feeling a person has when inspecting a house will have a huge effect on their judgement of its value. This is why people can spend huge amounts of time and money preparing a house for sale. Every little thing counts, so the simple presence of an remote gate opener app will only serve to increase the impressions of convenience and security that your property leaves in the minds' of potential buyers, hence increasing its value.

If you're still 'on the fence' as to whether an automatic gate opener is for you because you think that the initial outlay may be too great, take the time to consider whether these benefits are really worth sacrificing. Security, privacy and convenience, all wrapped up in a package that can pay for itself over time. You might also be pleasantly surprised to discover that there are many affordable options available, especially for the average Do It Yourself-er. A well put together automatic gate opener kit makes the installation achievable by anyone with basic DIY skills and a little bit of spare time.