Programming the Gate1 GA-13 Circuit board to the remote transmitters

Programming the Gate1 GA-13 Circuit board to the remote transmitters

Programming the Gate1 GA-13 Circuit board to the remote transmitters

Everyone hates opening and closing their gates manually, isn`t it? If you have a huge house and always run behind time like me then I am sure you know how irritating it is to get down from your car and slide your gate open and again close it every morning on your way to the office. Today`s modern technology has a solution for every issue. Thankfully remote controlled driveway gate openers come to the rescue. Though these gate openers don`t provide high level security, a programmed gate opener with wireless remote controls are an idle solution for people like me who are usually lazy to open and close their gates. These automated driveway gate openers are most suitable for huge properties and also ensures any unwanted guess or wild animals from entering the house perimeter. There is another added advantage too. For those of you who have naughty pets like mine can remain peaceful as there`ll be no way for the pets to escape anymore.

Programming a remote transmitter to Gate1 GA-13 circuit board doesn`t seem too complicated. Before you start programming just see to it that you have turned the power supply on and the circuit board setup is as per the user manual. All you need to do is just follow these steps.

Step 1: Press and release the programming button (P1) that is usually on the right side of the gate circuit board.

Gate1 circuit board programming button

Note: You have 5 seconds to make this process work

Step 2: Once the button (P1) is pressed you can see the blue LED turned on.

Gate1 programming gate opener remote

Step 3: Now go ahead and press the remote button and you`ll see the gate opening and at this point in time the blue LED is turned off. Isn`t this simple?

Gate1 remote transmitter programming

If you want to erase the remote controls from your gate control board then press the programming button and hold it for few seconds. You`ll see the blue LED turned on and blink a few times before turning off.

The Gate1 circuit board is also provided with stall force gate setting which controls the force at which the gate is said to open/close. This setting is provided at the top of the control board and looks more like volume control on a radio. You can simply adjust the pots by using a small flat screwdriver. It is better to set the pots low for safety purpose. That`s it!

Now you don`t have to waste your time in opening and closing your Gate1 gate opener. Just select a suitable automatic sliding gate and get it installed. Program your gate control board to the remote transmitter by following the three simple steps as mentioned above, set the force based on the weight and type of the gate and enjoy your hassle free day without having to slide your gate open and close. Well last and the most important thing, the remote transmitter is small enough to put in your pocket as well as equipped with a keychain to carry together with your keys.