Guide on How to Program the DIP Switches on the Control Board

Guide on How to Program the DIP Switches on the Control Board

Guide on How to Program the DIP Switches on the Control Board

Control board comes with a total of eight switches each performing particular tasks to make the board operate seamlessly in the opening of the gate. To program the board to work well as you desire, you have to program the switches correctly first. Here is how to program the switches.

Dip Switch number 1.

Gate1 GA13 circuit board

This switch is used to control the gate opening limit. With this switch you can set the board to operate with a motor that turns the switch on to close the gate and turns is witch off to open the door. Typically, when you buy the board, the switch is turned on, you, therefore, must set it to be on and off.

Dip Switch 2, 3, 4 

The three switches are used to set the gate opener into Auto-close Timer mode. They have different time limits to close the door including;

DIP Switch 2 has a period of 12.5 seconds. It is used to auto-close the gate within 12.5 seconds.

Gate1 Gate Controller

DIP switch 3 is used to set the auto-close gate timer to 25 seconds within which it closes.

Gate1 control board

DIP switch 4 on the other hand, when turned on will automatically close your gate within 45 seconds.

Gate1 gate controller

Using three switches to close your gate notwithstanding automatically, you can still use your remote control to close and open the gate. The remote monitoring system provides an alternative such that when you do not set the automatic close mode on the switches, they will remain in their default company off mode while you use the remote. Besides, remote control brings convenience to you as you can close your door even when either your remote or the switches have a problem.

DIP Switch 5

Gate1 controlboard

Switch number 5 helps you to open the gate concerning direction. With this switch, you can set on and off depending on the direction you want your gate to open from inside your home where the board is installed. For example, if you want your gate to opens to the right, set the switch to off mode. While, if you need the gate to open to the left, turn on the switch. To do this, you must reverse the limit wires, yellow and red, in the control board anytime you change the direction the gate is to open.

DIP Switch number 6

Switch 6 is not used to operate the control board, and you thus need not bother yourself about it.

DIP number 7 and 8

Gate opener control board

These two Dip switches are used to select the button to use the remote control. For instance, turn on switch 7 if you want to use pin number 1. You just have to turn switch 7 on to control the remote control to open the gate. When you want to leave the gate closed using the remote control, turn Dip switch 7 off.

But if you wish to use button 2 on the remote control to open the gate, turn on Dip switch 8 and if you want to use other buttons on the remote, leave switch 8 on off mode. Remember, it is important to select your button choice before programming your remote control.

gate opener circuit board

Follow these procedures, and you will have your control board work effectively and efficiently in opening the gate for you.