Buy Remotes for your garage door opener for only $7 no matter what garage opener you have.

Buy Remotes for your garage door opener for only $7 no matter what garage opener you have.

Gate1® plug in receiver and remote is the best alternative to expensive brand name ones. It’s not only very affordable but very functional. It would help you avoid dealing with a malfunctioning garage door (we all know how frustrating that is) and it’s perfect to use with Liftmaster garage openers. Worry no more about your garage door not working when you need it the most.

Gate1 Remote trasnmitter kit opening a liftmaster garage door opener

The Gate1® features:

  • Code technology that prevents security hacks and provides the utmost security to your home.
  • This plug in receiver not only works with Liftmaster garage opener but with any other brand and can be plug in to any 120 vac outlet.
  • Simple design.
  • Long range receiver,
  • It’s very easy to install.
  • Works with up to 150 remotes.
  • Home link compatible.
  • Compact-sized. 
  • 4 feet Normally Open Contact wires

Just now, with a limited time offer, you can get the bundle, Gate1® plug in receiver and remote for just $14 and the extra remote transmitters for $7. Yes, I know, sounds crazy when there are other brands out there with remotes costing up to $35. Well, for that same price you can get a Gate1® receiver and three remotes for Liftmaster (or any other brand) garage door opener.

Gate1 transmitter

There you have it, no more malfunctioning garage door and no more financial stress over it. The aim of this Gate1® plug-in is to basically make your like easier. It’s not very uncommon that your garage door starts to fail but not because of the garage opener, it’s because the receiver and then you have to buy a new set but just the remote is expensive. Now you can get the whole set and even extra remotes for the same price. What deal could be better than that?

Now you can be sure that your garage door will work properly when you need it the most and that you and your loved ones will be save. Remember this receiver and remote work with any garage door opener of any brand.